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PPD and the Bears together charitably for Vukovarski Leptirici

News 03.03.2014.
PPD and the Bears together charitably for Vukovarski Leptirici
Croatian gas company PPD from Vukovar, one of Medvescak's partners, is working together with the Bears  to help the association for parents of children with developmental delays 'Vukovar Butterflies' collect funds to purchase a low frequency laser that helps improve the communication between the brain and the body by means of faster and more efficient impulse transfers. 
The 'Vukovar Butterflies Association' was founded in 2011 and brings together around 45 children various developmental impairments. 'Vukovar Butterflies' aims to provide the necessary communication skills for social integration based on today's standards of medical and practical knowledge for children with troubles with motor sensory skills, mental handicaps, visual, hearing, or speech impairment, and hyperactivity. 
This initiative will span from March 3-10, during which time all of Medvescak's fans, and also anyone with a kind heart, will be able to 'like' drawings by children from the 'Vukovar Butterflies Association' on Medvescak's official homepage www.medvescak.com, as well as all of the team's social media - Facebook, Instagram (#VUleptirici), and Pinterest. PPD will donate 5 kunas for each like on one of the children's' drawing. The goal of the initiative is to garner as many 'likes', or moreover kunas, for PPD to donate to the 'Vukovar Butterflies Association' as possible. Medvescak and PPD hope to garner at least 10,000 'likes'.