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Response to misinformation published in foreign media

News 18.07.2014.
In response to incorrect, untrue, and discreditable information that has been published in Finnish and Russian media within the last 24 hours, the club would like to make the following official statement:
''Although we do not typically comment or react to untrue and unsubstantiated media reports, and although we consider the type of journalism that publishes information before verifying it to be incredibly unprofessional, we nevertheless feel responsible to react:
We would like to confirm that KHL Medvescak Zagreb will be performing in the 2014-15 KHL Championship season, despite untrue reports in Finnish media. Currently most of our employees are returning from holidays and are actively working on preparations for the coming KHL season. In the coming days our team will be coming together in Croatia and all of our efforts will be put into bringing the KHL ice fever back to Zagreb in September. Medvescak is thrilled that nearly all of last year's sponsors will be with us again in our second KHL Championship season. The list of our sponsors is transparent and will be published on the club's official sites at the start of the season. 
Further, KHL Medvescak Zagreb is still, despite what has been written in some Russian media, one of the official clubs invited to perform in the prestigious Spengler Cup in Davos this winter, which we are particularly proud of. The club's participation is defined in a working contract between the club and the organizers of the Spengler Cup, and a special working team is preparing the team's performance at the Cup in December. In accordance with the KHL's official game schedule, KHL Medvescak and other KHL teams participating in the Spengler Cup will not be playing any official KHL games for the duration of the Spengler Cup. Scheduling information and further details related to the Spengler Cup will be announced by the Cup's organizers, followed by Medvescak as a participating club. We are incredibly proud that the tournament organizers have extended an invitation to Medvescak, and we look forward to taking part and having the honour of representing Zagreb, Croatia, and the KHL at this prestigious and monumental tournament. 
Medvescak's first KHL Championship game will be held on 14 September 2014 in Zagreb's Dom Sportova, and Medvescak will take part in the Spengler Cup in Davos, Switzerland from 26-31 December 2014.
We would like to thank our fans, sponsors, and partners for their support, and we look forward to seeing you in the coming icy season.''
KHL Medvescak Zagreb
Office for public and media relations
18 July 2014.