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Return from Bratislava with first three away points

Reports 24.09.2014.
Return from Bratislava with first three away points
The Bears are coming back from a short trip with lots in their hands. Aside from winning their second game in a row, they also won this season's first three points in an away game in Bratislava’s Slovnaft Arena (1:4). Nothing could have distanced the Bears from the desire to demonstrate against Slovan how much they've improved over the past few games, neither penalties (54) nor the abundance of shots taken on the home team's net (44:17). 
In the 7th minute the Bears were left without defenseman Mark Kati, who got 5 minutes penalty and game misconduct, leaving them to make do with just four backs. In the 19th minute came another penalty, as Nathan Perkovich was given two minutes. Despite keeping the 0:0 score until the end of the period, three seconds before Perkovich was to get back on the ice near the very start of the second period, Ladislav Nagy secured the Eagles a 1:0 lead. Medvescak's players didn't take long to get back at the home team. In the 27th minute Pascal Pelletier used Brandon Segal's assist to tie the game at 1:1, and then during a powerplay in the 33rd Pelletier set up the puck for Segal. 
''We played with only four defencemen against Slovan, and we lost one of those five just five minutes into the game. We basically played fifty-five minutes with four defensemen, and we managed to capitalize on the few opportunities we created. When you consider all of that, I think that the boys did a good job and I'm proud of how they fought. Brust played incredibly and kept us in the game the entire time, especially during penalty kills'', said Medvescak's Coach Chuck Weber.
In the final period the Eagles were playing 5-on-3 at one point, but they couldn't turn the score around, especially not after Segal scored his second KHL goal in the 55th minute. Patrick Bjorstrand then dotted the 'i' a minute later with a shorthanded goal.
Photo: SITA/Jozef Jakubco