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Rodman leaving for KAC

News 07.12.2014.
Rodman leaving for KAC
KHL Medvescak Zagreb and player Marcel Rodman have put together an agreement at the player's request for him to continue his career with Austria's KAC from Klagenfurt. 
''At the player's request, we agreed to terminate the contract between the player and the club. The player wasn't happy with his allotted ice time and requested to find and go to another club where he would play more actively. We completely understand his request, particularly because for him, as one of the key players of Slovenia's national team, constantly playing and actively working are extremely important and useful and we've agreed to mutually terminate the contract'', explained Medvescak's Sports Director Aaron Fox about the player and club parting ways. 
Rodman will be joining KAC on Monday morning at practice, and could start playing for the Austrian team by Monday night if all contractual details are ironed out in time. KHL Medvescak Zagreb would like to thank the player for his work and effort.