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Rule change: overtime in 3-on-3 format

News 15.12.2016.
Rule change: overtime in 3-on-3 format

Meeting of the KHL's Board of Directors in Moscow yesterday brought a significant change to the rules applying to overtime, which has been put into effect starting today.

All KHL games which are tied at the end of regulation time will progress to an overtime period with a 3-on-3 format (three skaters and one goaltender).

Under the new rules, tied games which finish with the teams at even strength - be it 5-on-5, 4-on-4, 3-on-3 - will start the overtime period in the 3-on-3 format. Games which finish with the teams at 5-on-3 will begin overtime at 5-on-3, but in the event of the final hooter sounding when the teams are 5-on-4, then overtime shall commence with a 4-on-3 arrangement.

If a player earns a penalty during the overtime period, the opposing team will have a 4-on-3 advantage.

Except for the rule change, it was sugested that the trade deadline for the KHL may be pushed from 25 December to 27 December, starting next season. This change is under further review and waiting for approval.

Calendar for next season was discussed and Winter Olympic Games (9-25 Febrary 2018) in South Korea were taken into account. There will be 60 games per team in the regular season and start of playoffs is predicted in early March.