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Ryan: The playoffs start on Wednesday for us

Announcements 25.02.2014.
Ryan: The playoffs start on Wednesday for us
After nearly a month off, the KHL is starting up again on Wednesday. Some of the teams are going to use the remainder of the regular season to try and make it to the playoffs, while others, including Medvescak, have already secured their spot and are fighting for the best possible rank to get the benefit of home ice. 
''In the past couple of days, in order to be as prepared as possible, we practiced several situations that we can find ourselves in during games. But, you never know how it's really going to go, at least not until the first period is over'', said forward Michael Ryan, adding: 
''The playoffs already start for us on Wednesday, because we still have the opportunity to secure home ice. That's why we know these four games are important for us.''
The Bears have four more regular season games left, and their opponents will be Dinamo from Riga, Moscow's CSKA, Prague's Lev, and Slovan from Bratislava. Their first destination is Arena Riga, which has a 10,300 person capacity, where they will go up against Dinamo in a long time since their last game together. Dinamo are currently two points (87 points) above the Bears. 
''We played against Riga immediately after our incredible victory against CSKA. That game woke us up because we realized that every team has quality players. Dinamo are a very good team. Most of their players play for the Latvian national team and they played good games at the Olympics over the past three weeks against some of the world's best teams - and they played really well. I think Riga are one of the strongest teams in our conference. That aid, this is going to be a good test ahead of the playoffs.''