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Ryan: This time it's our turn to win

Pan Arena Ice Fever 26.12.2013.
Ryan: This time it's our turn to win
This year the white Christmas didn't come around. Snowflakes didn't cover the city, and it was actually a fairly warm and sunny Christmas. Temperatures were unusually high for this time of the year, but an icy refreshment will arrive on Friday: the Pan Arena Ice Fever. 
The big stadium in Laniste has already been covered in an icy surface, the Bears have had their first practices, tested the ice, boards, player's benches, and had their first impressions of Arena Zagreb - albeit empty, but that didn't stump the excitement...
''This is going to be a cool experience. A totally new experience for me, and for the other players in their first season with Medvescak'', said forward Michael Ryan. 
''I'm so excited to think that we're going to play in front of 15,00 people here, in this place. I saw some video clips from past seasons, and players who have already played in Arena have told us a lot about it.''
On top of that, the Bears' first opponents will be current KHL champions, and the currently first-placed, mighty Dinamo from Moscow. 
''Dinamo is probably the best team in the league.''
The first game in Moscow ended in a tight 4:3 win for Moscow. 
''We want to get the back for that painful loss in the final minute. We don't look at it as a redemption, but this time it's our turn to win. We've had three practices in Arena and have already gotten used to the ice which is actually a bit different from the one in Dom Sportova.''