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Smejkal: We're looking forward games

Announcements 13.08.2016.
Smejkal: We're looking forward games

Zagreb Bears are counting down the hours when they'll write in a new piece of history. For the first time a KHL team will play against a British one in their arena.

Cardiff Devils were the hosts of this week's training camp and today will be the first of two back-to-back games in which they'll test the readiness of their guests.

“I couldn't ask more of the Devils and the hospitality they've shown this week. We made the most of our time, both on the ice and spending time off it. We focused a lot on our team identity and how we how to play as a collectively to be successful. Now it's a question of getting out and getting some good competition,” Medvescak's Head Coach Godrie Dwyer said.

Young Bear's forward, Jiri Smejkal, shared his opinions after the morning practice: “We've been together for three weeks now non-stop, and being away for training camp helped us get to know one another. We're all getting along, the atmosphere is really good. We're looking forward to playing games because we've been only practicing for the last week. So it will feel good to finally face another team.”

Danny Taylor was in goal in the last games the Bears played in the Czech Republic and he, as his colleagues before him, kept the net empty. Despite that, he thinks there's still room for improvement:

“I don't feel like I'm quite where I need to be. The result was good, but looking forward to the season, I need to elevate my game a lot more for us to be successful.” He also commented on the time spent in Cardiff:

“We really enjoyed. The city is beautiful and has grown a lot. The people are friendly and we found great food to eat.”

Today's game starts at 7 PM BST. Live stream will be provided HERE.