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Special teams decided the game

Reports 30.10.2015.
Special teams decided the game

The great humanitarian action for raising awareness about breast cancer in cooperation with club’s partner Podravka, in an effort to help the “Sve za nju” (All for her) association, Medvescak ended in a grand finale - playing tonight’s game in pink jerseys that were offered on an online auction from the first puck drop. The Bears played the game against another team who marked the fight against breast cancer in a similar way this season, Lada Togliatti.

For the second time in two weeks, Medvescak players found themselves in a similar deficit after the time expired. Special teams completely decided the game.

“We knew that Lada was coming in riding on a winning streak and that they would come to ready to fight. Special teams decided the game. Lada’s powerplay was excellent, as well as their penalty kill. Too many unnecessary and unwanted penalties cost us goals and we didn’t know how to make most of the chances we’ve had afterwards,” analyzed head coach Gordie Dwyer.

Although the hosts showed a lot of effort, the first goal directed the remained of the game:”We are a team that either sets off on a high note, or an early conceded goal defines our game. I think that the first goal proves crucial to most teams. We know that all games are tight and that the league is evenly matched, there are very few proper chances during a game because of the defensive way of playing, that’s what makes the first goal so crucial.”

Lack of discipline gave the guests more than one opportunity to take control of the game:”This was one of those games where we complicated things for ourselves and we didn’t come out ready enough. We knew it would be one of the harder games, but a lack of discipline and a total scoring drought led us to this loss. For an example, when we were trailing 1:2, it was obvious that the momentum was swinging our way, but we gave them a chance to retake control by putting two of our guys in the penalty box. After all, they knew how to make most of their chances.”

Outside the ice a huge event by the Sve za nju association was occurring, helped by Podravka through their pink muffins and warm teas in which the players and fans alike enjoyed during the intermissions. Croata helped raise the pink atmosphere even further with ties that were worn by the coaching staff.


Video material source: www.khl.ru

The Bears end their longest home stand of the season this Sunday, 1st of November with a game against Slovan Bratislava, starting from 17:30 in Dom sportova.

Tickets are available on all Ticketshop sales spots, as well as online on www.ticketshop.hr and at the Ice hall box office, opening at 16:00.



KHL,Ice hall of Dom sportova, Zagreb


02:41 0-1 Vorobyov (Boljšakov, Belousov) PP1

29:14 0-2 Zatovic (Gurkin) PP1

35:02 1-2 Jämtin (Bjorkstrand)

37:01 1-3 Krisanov (Belousov) PP2

47:05 1-4 Shenfeld EN

SHOTS ON GOAL: 25 - 21

PENALTIES: 28 min – 16 min

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Taylor, Kroselj, Kinrade, Genoway, Deutsch, Parlett, Larkin, Giliati, Kousa, Glumac, Brule, Jämtin, Bolduc, Bjorkstrand, Gysbers, Smolenak, Perkovich, Saarinen, Mertl, Katic, Kvapil

HC LADA TOGLIATTI: Masalyskis, Kasutin, Vorobyev, Komarov, Shenfeld, Gurkin, Viklund, Belousov, Valuisky, Krisanov, Streltsov A., Zatovic, Putilov, Streltsov V., Mastryukov, Bolyshakov, Volgin, Bocharov, Romanov, Mokshanchev, Guryanov