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St. Pierre, McLean, & Segal for three points in Mytishchi

Reports 08.01.2015.
St. Pierre, McLean, & Segal for three points in Mytishchi
A new three points are here! In their first road game of 2015, the Bears celebrated 2:3 against Atlant and continued their win streak that started in the Den last December against Neftehimik. This was their third consecutive win.
''The game was tight. I'm happy with how our team played the first two periods, while we played too defensively in the last period. Our penalty kill was great, and we scored goals exactly in moments when we needed them. Segal's penalty shot definitely made a difference in the game'', said Medvescak's Coach Doug Shedden. 
Medvescak's players started the game ferociously and were in the lead by the 6th minute with a powerplay goal. While Matthew Gilroy was spending his two minutes in the box, Martin St. Pierre made use of a great opportunity in front Atlant's net. There was nobody in front of Medvescak's forward, and he sent the puck right into the net with a clean shot. That was St. Pierre's ninth goal this season. 
After grabbing the lead, the Bears kept the pressure in the other end with a shots on goal ratio of 13:7 in their favour. In the 23rd minute the Bears got ahead by two goals thanks to an assist by Brandon Segal and a goal from Kurtis McLean. The difference could have been even bigger had Ville Leino's puck made it into Engerov's net instead of the goal line just moments earlier. 
''This was a team that we had to beat at any cost because we want to pass them in the rankings, and at the same time Atlant wanted the points. That made the game really intense. We scored the first two goals, but it didn't end there. To get three points you have to work hard until the very end of the game, especially in the final period when Atlant began to play more solidly. But there was also Heeter with his great saves... Now we have three wins in a row which gives us a lot of confidence. There's a great atmosphere in the locker room and we're going to Vityaz in a very good mood'', said McLean.
Late in the second period, players Atlant made it 1:2 (Albert Jarulin) in a powerplay and took more shots than the Bears in the final period. Then in the 56th minute Segal landed a flawless penalty shot for 1:3. Two minutes later the home team got an inch closer to tying the game with a goal from Igor Levicki, but Medvescak's players remained focused until the end of the game and won three big road points.