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Statement regarding fan incident in Moscow

Following yesterday's fan incident during HC Spartak  Moscow - KHL Medvescak Zagreb match, here is KHL MEDVESCAK Zagreb's official statement via Director of Communication, Ranko Vucinic:

We are unpleasantly surprised by the event that occurred at last night’s game and we deem it completely inappropriate. We in Medvescak harshly condemn any form for encouragement for discrimination, lack of tolerance, and hatred at sports events and in the society in general.

We believe, since KHL Medvescak and, more precisely our player Hedberg played a multitude of games in the KHL thus far, especially in Russia, that this was an isolated incident that does not represent HC Spartak’s standing, or the standing of most of its fans in any way. This inappropriate and isolated case will not affect the fact that we as a Club, as well as our players including Hedberg, have been welcomed by all clubs and in all arenas in the KHL as friends and as competitors and that we will continue to work hard to be a quality host to all KHL clubs that come to play in Zagreb and in Croatia.

We deem that any further public analysis of this isolated incident will give an additional importance to it, which is not what we want. We see this action exclusively as a rash and inappropriate provocation from an individual with malicious intents for the clubs and hockey as a sport. We will continue to actively work as a Club, as well as in cooperation with other KHL Clubs and organizations, on preventing all forms of violence and discrimination at sports events and in the society in general.


Ranko Vucinic, Communications Director



HC Spartak's official reaction can be found here.