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The Bears earn a point in the Ice hall spectacle

Reports 19.10.2015.
The Bears earn a point in the Ice hall spectacle

An exciting, fun and entertaining game, at least for the fans, was played in the Ice hall of Dom sportova, where Medveščak hosted Ugra Khanty Mansysk. Regulation ended with six goals on both sides and after the overtime period gave only a few chances, the game had to be decided in the roulette that is the penalty shootout.

“It was an exciting game, the momentum swung back and forth. We created a lot of chances, we had close to fifty shots on goal. We fought with everything we had and we showed a lot of character by coming back into the game after Ugras timely goals. From the offensive perspective, we can be happy with the way we played, but on the other hand, no one can be happy when you concede that many goals. We didn’t get the three points that we wanted, so it’s back to the drawing board tomorrow,” concluded head coach Gordie Dwyer after the game, his thoughts seemingly echoed through the team.

“I’m sure this was an exciting game to watch, but it wasn’t fun for the coaches. We showed plenty of heart, we fought, created chances, but we could see that I won’t always work out the way we want it to. Naturally, it’s not good when you concede six goals, but we fought and earned a big point. We need to take the positives out of the game and keep moving forward,” commented Tom Zanoski, who scored Medveščaks second goal of the game, for its first lead of the game.

A great start for the Bears was spoiled by Ugras first goal on its first shot of the match towards Danny Taylor. Tomaš Mertl got a minor penalty after besieging Ugras goal and Konstantin Panov ( who would later on decide the match) shot from the blue line at the very beginning of the powerplay and gave the Mammoths the lead. The cheers from the away team bench could still be heard when Nathan Perkovich was left forgotten a few meters from Ugras goal as he collected a rebound and tied the game.

Two and a half minutes later, Zanoški scored on another rebound and gave Medveščak the first lead of the game, a lead that would swing back and forth four more times before the end of regulation.

“It was a completely open game, the puck went up and down the ice, but we controlled most of it. The positive here is the fact that we scored a lot of goals. In hockey you always have to play in the moment, forget what happened and always be ready. Both teams had leads in this game and that’s how the momentum swung back and forth. Highs and lows in your game are normal and essential in hockey,” said Perkovich

Mammoths tie the game after Nikita Gusev’s shot from the left boards, while only a minute later Gilbert Brule scored on his own rebound after a Jesse Saarinen assist for a new lead. Emotions grew as time went by, near the end of the period three Bears and two Mammoths were in the penalty box. After the penalty was over, Ugra scores its third goal of the game, Panov’s second.

The second period saw a change in Medveščaks net :”Danny is coming back to the ice after an injury and after the first period we thought that a change could help lift our game up. We have a lot of confidence in both him and Krošelj,” said Dwyer about the change. For fifteen minutes the score didn’t change and in the physical second period, the Bears held control. With a little more than five minutes before the end of the period, Stefano GIliati passed by Ugras defense on the right side and was brought down by Grigory Zheldakov in front of the goal. Medveščaks powerplay took to the ice and Marek Kvapil, from his spot in the left circe, found the net behind Georgi Gelashvili. But leads and cheers in this game didn’t last long, this one was no different. Only seventeen seconds later, a puck snuck behind Krošelj and Alexei Mihnov tied the game once again.

The second period didn’t end with only four goals on each side though, first Panov completed his hattrick and then two minutes later, Kinrade scored his sixth of the season.

The last period began with five goals on each side and a 4 on 4 situation. The game got tougher and tougher as time went by and quality chances were hard to find, only two more goals were scored. Andrej Tarahutin gave the third minimal lead to the Mammoths, while Radek Smolenak annulled it on the powerplay.

“We tried a few changed on the defense, but Ugra always found a way to score. I’m happy with the character and resilience we’ve shown after each goal they scored. After 65 minutes of play, it was all decided by individual skill and we were left a bit short,” analyzed the Bears head coach.

The overtime gave only two shots on goal, so the game went into the shootout. The Mammoths scored twice and the Bears only once.

“We wanted three points, we want to win every game in regulation. But as long as we’re piling up points, we’re moving in the right direction. It’s not about a single player or play. It’s all about the team, a lot of details and plays that eventually lead to our defeat today,” Perkovich shared his opinion on the game.

Geoffrey Kinrade was announced as the HOK Player of the game, as chosen by the fans in the Ice hall of Dom sportova.

Medveščaks home stand continues on Wednesday, 21st of October with a game against Avangard, starting from 19:30 in the Ice hall. Tickets are available on all Ticketshop sales spots as well as online on www.ticketshop.hr, as always tickets will also be available at the Dom sportova box office from 18:00

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KHL, Ice hall of Dom sportova


01:50 0-1 Panov (Rasskazov, Kalashnikov) PP

03:01 1-1 Perkovich (Kinrade, Glumac)

05:39 2-1 Zanoški (Morrisonn)

12:50 2-2 Gusev (Mamkin, Ivanov)

13:26 3-2 Brule (Saarinen)

18:12 3-3 Panov (Rasskazov)

35:44 4-3 Kvapil (Jurčina, Smolenak) PP

36:01 4-4 Mihnov (Kalashnikov, Taratuhin)

37:18 4-5 Panov

39:18 5-5 Kinrade

46:15 5-6 Taratuhin (Gusev)

50:29 6-6 Smolenak (Kvapil) PP

65:00 6-7 Panov PS

SHOTS ON GOAL: 47 - 31

PENALTIES: 18 min – 28 min

KHL MEDVEŠČAK ZAGREB: Taylor, Krošelj, Kinrade, Genoway, Deutsch, Parlett, Larkin, Zanoški, Giliati, Kousa, Glumac, Brule, Hedberg,  Jämtin, Jurčina, Smolenak, Perkovich, Morrisonn, Saarinen, Mertl, Kvapil

HK UGRA KHANTI-MANSYSK: Fokin, Gelashvili, Kalashnikov, Antonov, Mihnov,

Buljansky, Rasskazov, Taratuhin, Mamkin, Sitnikov, Panov, Kvostov, Seleznyov, Jacenko, Volkov, Hrishpenc, Zheldakov, Ivanov, Bortnikov, Medvedev, Gusev