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The Bears end season with a great game

Reports 11.03.2014.
The Bears end season with a great game
The Bears have finished their premiere KHL season, throughout which they did really well, broke records, and made it into their first playoffs. They lost 2:3 to Lev in game four of the Western conference quarterfinals, ending their playoffs journey while Lev move forward into the conference semifinals.
However, the Bears didn't say goodbye to Dom Sportova and their fans, who spelled out 'Medvescak you are everything to me' in blue and white papers across the stands at the start of the game, without a fight. They bit every puck from the first to the final minute, whit Pavel Bure, a legendary player in Russian and world hockey featured in the Hall of Fame, threw down the first puck and then cheered them on from the stands.
''This was a special season. I really enjoyed it. We expected more from this game, but after 0:2 it was hard to get back against a team like Lev. I'm proud of how the boys played the final period. We really gave it to them. If the game went into overtime, who knows how it would have ended. The regular season was unbelievable, we played well throughout the entire season and we were a true team. The playoffs are a whole new season, we fought, and sometimes that pays off and sometimes it doesn't'', said Medvescak's captain Alan Letang. 
The first period was spent mostly in Lev's zone than in Medvescak's. But the period nevertheless ended with two goals from Lev. Matai scored in the 6th minute, and then Maenpaa in the 16th with a powerplay goal. In the second period neither net was touched. During the third period in the 47th minute the Bears lifted the entire Ice Hall on their feet. Captain Alan Letang took a shot from center ice that flew straight toward Vehanen. The puck touched down right in front of Vehanen, bounced off the ice, flew over Lev's goalie, and landed in the net for 1:2. Just one minute later, the away team got ahead by two points again thanks to David Ullstrom. Even though Matt Ellison brought it down to 2:3 four minutes before the game was up, the victory went to Lev.