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The Bears have a mighty feat ahead in January

Announcements 07.01.2014.
The Bears have a mighty feat ahead in January
The Bears parted from Dom Sportova's fiery atmosphere, which lasted the entire season, and the preliminary part of the KHL season in the best possible way: with a 4:1 win against Dinamo from Minsk.
"We needed those three points against Minsk to stay alive for the playoffs", said Ivan Svarny.
The playoffs are getting closer. The Bears have 12 games left until the end of the preliminary part of the KHL season, and until then 9 of them will be away games. Five in January, then another two in late February after the Winter Olympic games in Sochi, followed by two more in early March. That said, they have a mighty feat ahead of them in the coming days if they want their season to continue after 54 games. 
"We're aware that away games didn't go too well for us, but during the last ones in Eastern Russia we played really well and came back with 10 out of a maximum 12 points. We're going to try and do that again now because we're at a time when every point counts, and every game is going to be hard because we're going up against great opponents."
The Bears have already travelled to Moscow, and will be crossing sticks with Spartak, the West's 11th team, on Wednesday at 2:00 PM Croatian time. The first game between the two teams, played back in Zagreb, ended in a victory for Moscow's team (2:3), but only after a shootout.
"This game won't be easy either, especially because Spartak are still fighting to make it to the playoffs. They're sixteen points behind us, which is practically five wins. But, we're going to try and pour over the game against Minsk into this match, and this will also be a good opportunity for revenge."
Ivana Kolarić