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The Bears leave Omsk one point heavier

Reports 14.01.2014.
The Bears leave Omsk one point heavier
The Bears won a point from their game in Omsk. The match against Avangard ended in 4:3 after a shootout.
The first period went in Avangard's favour, even though the shots on goal ratio was 9:9. Denis Kulyash secured the home team's lead in the 13th minute, followed by Andrey Ivanov putting them two points ahead just a minute later. 
''We played well, but that 2:0 at the beginning definitely affected the final score'', breifly commented Medvescak's coach Mark French. 
At the start of the second period, after just 51 seconds, the Bears got back into the game. Hugh Jessiman tricked Avangard's defence at the blue line, and landed the puck in Andrej Mezin's net, followed by Matt Murley tying the game during a powerplay in the 39th minute. 
''I'm happy that we were able to get back in the game twice, in the first period when Avangard secured that two-goal lead, and then again in the final period. We gave ourselves extra time with that, and secured a point. We knew that there would be a team who would put pressure on us from the start of the game in Omsk. Unlike them, we didn't quite do that, and I'm not thrilled about that part'', said French.
The last period brought more uncertainty. In the 43rd minute the home team got ahead by a point again (Alexander Perezhogin) during a powerplay, but then in the 49th Ryan Vesce brought everything back to the beginning. In the end the winner was determined in a shootout in which the home team had more luck. The winning goal came from Sergey Shirokov.