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The Bears return to Šalata - Citroën Šalata Winter Classic is coming

Citroën Šalata Winter Classic 16.01.2014.
The Bears return to Šalata - Citroën Šalata Winter Classic is coming
Despite Medveščak not playing KHL championship games at Zagreb's Šalata skating rink this season, the Bears' fans will still get to feel the unforgettable atmosphere and special winter wonder at this magical Zagreb’s rink under the stars. This season the Bears will play one special game Citroën Winter Classic at Skate rink Šalata, against the Austrian UPC Vienna Capitals on February 8th, 2014. (17:30). This incredible open-air winter spectacular will take place during the KHL's break throughout the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Conversely, the Bears will also play a re-match in Vienna on February 15th, 2014 (Eissportzentrum Kagran).The Olmypic break will last until February 26th, after which Medveščak will play their final four games of the regular season in Moscow, Riga, Prague and Bratislava.
''We're glad that once again this season, during the Olympic break, we will be able to provide our fans with the unforgettable joy of the Winter Classic and hockey under the stars at Zagreb's skating rink Šalata. We're also happy that the we will be playing with our friends from the EBEL, our once biggest rivals in the fight for the playoffs: the UPC Vienna Capitals. Good hockey in good company along with a glass of mulled wine at the hockey Winter Classic are a staple of Zagreb in February, and I believe that the atmosphere at this season's Winter Classic will leave a lasting impression on our players who will be hitting the ice at Šalata for the first time!'', said the club's director Vladimir Tomičić. 
''We are very excited about meeting our old EBEL-friends from Zagreb. In the past, meetings between Vienna and Zagreb were characterized by emotional and intense hockey. We had a lot of memorable games in Zagreb – and of course, Ice Fever in Pula is still an unforgotten moment of our recent history. We are looking forward to the games during February break'', Capitals’ general manager Franz Kalla pointed out. 
During the Olympic break, Medveščak will not only play the re-match in Vienna on February 15th but also play a friendly game on February 16th in Graz. 
Tickets for this season's Salata Winter Classic go on sale on Saturday, February 1st in Tele2 centers at the Cvjetni Square, Iblerov Square, and Arena Center. The regular price for tickets is 40 kuna, and you will receive a special discount on Tele2 cell phones with the purchase of each ticket. A limited number of tickets will be available at www.eventim.hr.