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The great worker Mertl renews allegiance to the Bears

Transfers 09.06.2016.
The great worker Mertl renews allegiance to the Bears

One of the pillars of our last season’s team is returning to the Den, the great worker that gave it his all day in and day out and was willing to do all the little things that often go unnoticed. Tomas Mertl, the Czech center will continue to wear the Bear’s jersey in the next KHL season.

Mertl was brought to Medvescak last summer from the Czech Extraliga in which he was the most efficient forward of the team HK Mountfield Hradec Kralove and was third in the league in scoring. It was his first time playing outside of the Czech Republic and Medvescak became the third team he has played for in his professional career. Before Mountfield, he spent 10 years in the club in which he started playing hockey in, Češke Budejovice.

It was obvious from the first game that his contribution to the team would be great, where he and Zanoski scored the season’s first goals for Medvescak. In the next 54 games he added another 10 goals and 21 assists for Medvescak, and after the Bears' hopes in reaching the playoffs were extinguished, he went back to the Czech Republic with the promise of returning to the Den.

With the return to Mountfield, he continued producing, with 6 points in 9 regular season games and added three assists in the playoff quarterfinals. When the season ended, he kept his promise.

"We are very excited to have Tomas back, as we previously announced. It's great that he liked being here and decided to be back with us for another season. He played such an important role for us last year and he will fit in this season without a doubt. Tomas is a great two way forward who brings a lot of energy on the ice," Aaron Fox, Medvescak's Sports Director said while announcing the transfer.

He displayed a high level of responsibility in his game and the capability to handle every situation and especially as a playmaker for his fellow players, which was confirmed by the fact that he lead the team with 21 assists, the Czech center was one of the key figures in Medvescak’s team and will undoubtedly repeat that role next season.