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Truculence wasn't enough

Reports 02.02.2017.
Truculence wasn't enough

Lokomotiv dominated in the beginning, and the Bears resorted to truculence and great effort to reach a more fluid game to start creating chances that brought the game on sort of an even ground.

In Connor Cameron's debut as head coach of Medvescak, four Bears got on the board and Nathan Perkovich had two assists.

“It was my first time as head coach at this level. There wasn’t much difference comparing to the rest of the season, except for making a few more calls on my own. Anytime you can gain new experience, it’s good for your growth”, head coach Cameron said and analyzed the game:

“Lokomotiv’s a really good team, which they showed. They play with a lot of structure, they pray on turnovers and they have a really good power play. In the first period we didn’t everything we said we wouldn’t and it was really easy for them to play against us in the first half of the game. But, we have to give our guys credit because they fought back and worked hard.”

The game started just like the previous two, with the guests scoring within the first three minutes. Lokomotiv didn’t take long to punish an unorganized Bears lines again and double their lead. The guests had three power play goals and one, the opening one, at even strength.

“We didn’t do what we said we would. We did the opposite and they scored three power play goals. Maybe it’s a different game, a tighter one, if we don’t take all those penalties,” scorer of the Bears’ fourth goal said.

After a hockey clinic, potentiated by constant penalties, that Lokomotiv held in the first period of the game, the Bears started creating their chances in the second frame and continued on until the end.

Michael Garnett made his 400th KHL appearance when exchanging Sergei Gaiduchenko in net, and soon after Alexei Murygin gave way to a 20-year-old Anton Krasotkin.

After getting scored on for the fifth time, the Bears found a structure of their game and Mike Glumac got them a first power play goal. Kirill Voronin made sure to keep the goal difference at four after Brandon Kozun scored Lokomotiv’s sixth goal.

Hosts added two more goals in the final 20 minutes after showing some grit. Lucas Lessio produced on a man advantage and Arakolv, after entering the zone, made his way towards the goal and shot the puck through traffic. In the end, the guest found an empty net for the final 4:7.

“I’ve been waiting for goals for too long, I wish I could have made the fans happy more often. I can’t be very happy when we lose. Every one of us who was on the ice today gave it all. It’s hard to lose, but considering our bench, I think we fought hard,” Arkalov said.

Video source: www.khl.ru

There is one more before the international break. On Sunday, 5 February Vityaz is coming to the Ice hall at 5 PM.


KHL, Ice Hall of Dom sportova, Zagreb


01:19 0-1 Galimov (Pašnin)

02:59 0-2 Kontiola (Talbot, Kozun) PP1

11:30 0-3 Osipov (Kontiola, Kozun) PP1

17:02 0-4 Rafikov (Apalkov, Kadeikin) PP2

22:08 0-5 Lubushkin (Galimov, Kartajev)

25:03 1-5 Glumac (Perkovich, Katic) PP1

30:04 1-6 Kozun (Talbot)

31:19 2-6 Voronin (Parlett, Giroux)

44:35 3-6 Lessio (Perkovich) PP1

50:57 4-6 Arkalov

58:45 4-7 Kozun (Talbot) EN

SHOTS ON GOAL: 34 - 35

PENALTIES: 77 min – 8 min

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Gaiduchenko, Garnett, Kozak, Parlett, Mahbod, Zanoski, Giroux, Lessio, Glumac, Larkin, Jankovic, Milicic, Perkovich, Smith, Voronin, Katic, Arkalov, Smolec

HC LOKOMOTIV YAROSLAVL: Murygin, Krasotkin, Koledov, Gavrikov, Kozun, Lugin, Nakladal, Talbot, Manukhov, Pashin, Ilyenko, Apalykov, Lyubushkin, Kontiola, Mosalyov, Kraskovsky, Osipov, Galimov, Kadeikin, Rafikov, Kartayev, Polunin

Photo: Igor Soban/Pixsell