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Two minutes without concentration cost Medvescak points

Reports 02.11.2014.
Two minutes without concentration cost Medvescak points
On Sunday at 5:30PM, for the first time in the club's history the Bears skated out on the Ice Hall rink inside Dom Sportova in exclusive pink jerseys as part of the 'All for Her' Pink Game. They did this in support of the educational sports campaign created with Podravka to raise awareness about the need to care for one's health and to show that caring for those suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses neither begins nor ends in October, but is required all 365 days of the year. The start of the game against Amur was also the beginning of an auction of the pink jerseys.
''It was a good feeling to play in pink jerseys. We wore them for a good cause and were excited about it. Thank you to the fans for their support, you can't ask to play in a better atmosphere than here'', said Palushaj about the jerseys and the stands. 
The Bears started the game ferociously, getting a powerplay in less than five minutes and taking an unbelievable 8 shots on goal, but in the 5th minute the scoreboard changed in the guests' favour with a counterattack from Zeleznov. One minute later, a new powerplay for Medvescak, and this time it took Segal just 6 seconds to capitalize on it by directing Palushaj's shot. The Bears finished the first 20 minutes with an outstanding 21 shots at the Tigers. 
The second period was similar to the first, Medvescak attacked, but Amur managed to hold off, and then scored three goals (Lugin, 29, Orlov, 30, Miklik, 31). In the 50th minute Bjorkstrand reduced the score to 2:4, but two minutes before time was up Fisenko made a counterattack on an empty net for the final 2:5. 
''It's hard, we have to be better all around, score more, and be better at defense, powerplays, and penalty kills. Even though we're still having troubles with penalties, we've already talked about that in the locker room and we have to be smarter. We've improved since the start of the season. We have to be more on top of rebounds, there were a lot of juicy rebounds today that were just waiting for us to nail them. We have to be better in the dirty area. We're a team and we never fault individual players, we support each other. We have to take initiative, score the first and second goals, and not be chasing the game and score the entire time because that's draining if it repeats from game to game'', Bjorkstrand explained his views on the game.