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U20 wins point in Vienna

EBYSL news 07.09.2014.
U20 wins point in Vienna
Medvescak's U20 team played its first away game in this season of the Erste Bank Young Stars League. Their first stop was Vienna and the Vienna Capitals. The 4:3 overtime win went to the home team, but the Bears managed to catch a point. 
In the first period the Caps' players secured a two goal lead by the 11th minute (Felix Maxa, Julian Grosslercher), but in the second period the Bears pressed the home team and quickly tied the game. In the 27th minute Luka Mikulic scored a powerplay goal for 2:1, followed three minutes later by 2:2 from Matija Milicic.
The final period brought even more tension and uncertainty. In the 55th minute Matko Martinic scored. The goal gave the Bears a short lead until Vienna came on with six players in the 56th minute and secured overtime. Since Toni Boric got a penalty in the 60th minute, the home team played 4-on-3 in overtime, and took advantage of that in just 24 seconds scoring the winning goal (Grosslercher).