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Weber: Metallurg show why they're champions

Reports 10.09.2014.
Weber: Metallurg show why they're champions
Medvescak has finished its first mini tour this season. They lost 6:0 in their final away game, played in Magnitogorsk against reigning champions Metallurg.
''The boys stuck to the game plan, but unfortunately the first two goals left us in a position where we had to keep chasing the score. Metallurg showed why they're defending the champion title. This was a long and gruelling trip to start the season off with. This is my first season in the KHL, and I'm impressed with the strength of the league and the quality of its hockey. That's why we have to play simply to be able to go up against the league's best teams. Over the next few days we have some intense practices to get ready for the opening of the home season'', said Medvescak's Coach Chuck Weber.
The Bears started out the game against Metallurg with Mark Dekanich on net, and missing from the lineups was Mike Hedden, who was replaced by Nathan Perkovich. In the first period the shots on goal ratio was almost equal, 12:11 for Metallurg, but the reigning champions were the only ones to turn opportunities into goals. Dekanich managed to keep it 0:0 for the first fifteen minutes, but in the 16th Sergei Mozyakin, who has earned 6 points in the past 3 games, broke away from the left and secured Metallurg's lead. Four minutes later the home team had a powerplay and Danis Zaripov scored. 
Metallurg's players kept dominating in the second and third period. In the 26th minutes they scored 3:0, in the 39th the Bears didn't let them make use of a double powerplay (5-on3), but in the final ten minutes they managed to score another three goals.
Photo: Metalurg Magnitogorsk