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Wettpunkt and Medvescak now together in the KHL

News 11.12.2013.
Wettpunkt and Medvescak now together in the KHL
Great games, a positive example in the world of sports, and everything else that KHL Medvescak Zagreb has achieved over the past five seasons are reasons why Wettpunkt has decided to support Medvescak's project and to become a sponsor of Zagreb's club. Medvescak has gained a significant and valuable professional partner with this sponsorship, this being one of those partners that recognizes the value of good projects with a clear professional vision and desire to develop forward. 
"We, the Sports betting & Casino company Wettpunkt, are looking very much forward to work with a club like the Medveščak of Zagreb in the course of our sports sponsorship. In the recent months we have begun to implement our new structure, and thus want to send a signal, to experience even more successful times with our employees and the Zagreb-Medveščak in the future. Hockey is the fastest team sport of the world and we as an Austrian companies with operating Wettpunkt casinos and betting shops in Croatia  feel very well in the role of the sponsor of the Medveščak of Zagreb. The presence of the brand Wettpunkt and the accompanying measures around the Medveščak of Zagreb will help us in Croatia and internationally to increase the popularity of Wettpunkt - Sports betting & casino. In addition to this partnership for the coming years is a meaningful symbiosis for the international sports betting sector", said Petr Bukhtoyarov, Managing Director of Wettpunkt - Sports betting & Casino.
The partnership with Wettpunkt is certainly a great driving force for the rest of Medvescak's season in the KHL, but it also provides exceptional encouragement for the future of fulfilling all of the goals that Medvescak's team has set ahead of itself for the seasons to come. 
''Every new partnership is a big achievement for everyone that has been working so hard on the Medvescak project for years now. Wettpunkt is a partner who recognized the value of our brand, who recognized Medvescak's vision, and with that they received a partner that will surely bring them a significant place in the market and advance their business. I'm happy that despite the difficult times, our quality still attracts partners, and I believe that in the times ahead of us, we can still be innovative, we can be better. Of course, it's big, respectable partners like Wettpunkt that motivate us the most to achieve these goals and successfully run the club'', said Mislav Madirazza, KHL Medvescak Zagreb's director of marketing and sponsorship.