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Who's that singing? Owuya and Dooks in Medvescak's holiday card...

News 24.12.2014.
Who's that singing? Owuya and Dooks in Medvescak's holiday card...
Famous Croatian rapper, producer, and performer Baby Dooks and Medvescak's goalie Mark Owuya, better known on the global rap scene as Mark In Da Park, have recorded a musical holiday greeting card together for Medvescak's fans. Despite both of them being at Medvescak's games, Baby Dooks as the host, and Mark Owuya on the ice, this jam session was the first time they met each other through music. 
''He's a great singer, a great singer!'', repeated Baby Dooks while sitting behind a keyboard and recording Owuya's singing in his Zagreb studio. 
Owuya himself, aka Mark In Da Park, was no less impressed:
''This is the first time since coming to Croatia that I had the opportunity to take part in creating and producing music. It was phenomenal, and it reminded how much I missed working on music. I clicked with Baby Dooks really well and I hope there will be more opportunities to work together in the future. We already have some plans. Of course, hockey before everything, hahaha...''
''It was fantastic, as soon as he saw my computer we started talking about who likes which recording program so we figured each other out right away. I was convincing Mark to stay so that we could record more, but he was focused on having to go to practice'', commented Baby Dooks jokingly. 
Find out for yourself how successful they were and how much fun they had recording Christmas wishes: