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With four points won, the Bears return to the Ice hall

Reports 13.10.2015.
With four points won, the Bears return to the Ice hall

The Bears finished their third road trip, first in the East of the season with four points out of as many games and they return to the Ice hall after a loss in Togliatti.

“I congratulate Lada, their whole team and management for the three points. My team wasn’t on the required level today. From controlling the puck to the fact that we let Lada get more and more confidence as time went on. We didn’t stick to our game plan, we didn’t play our game. Penalties in the third period were decisive and all momentum swung in their favour and they what was given to them. This is a game of details, when you lose sight of that, you usually lose the game too,“ analyzed the Bears head coach Gordie Dwyer.

The game started off slower than usual, but the Bears were in it. An evenly matched game, with maybe a few more quality chances in front of Edgars Masalskis then in front of Danny Taylor, was visible in the first period. The game that was supposed to be an easy comeback for Taylor proved to be anything but.

Stanislav Bocharov gave the hosts their first lead a few minutes after the guests had a goal overruled. But the minimal deficit doesn’t discourage the bears, who even it up thanks to Marek Kvapil, the result would stay the same until the second period.

In a powerplay situation, in an almost typical play for him, Kvapil takes the puck in the left circle and sees a whole in the defense and sends it into the net. The rest of the first remained in a similar rhythm, while in the second Lada started to take control.

Masalskis remains steadfast in goal for the hosts, who took more and more control as time went on. Nerves started to work for the Bears and it culminated in a major and match penalty for Andreas Jämtin soon after the start of the third. The powerplay gave Lada two goals and five minutes later they scored two more.

Two consecutive penalties for the hosts gave the Bears a bit of hope, but Lada’s penalty kill does a great job and the net stayed empty. Before the very end, Gilbert Brule wrestled for a position in front of the goal and sends the puck in after an assist from Kvapil.

The Bears return to the Ice hall for their longest home stand of the season. A total of seven teams will be hosted by Medvescak in the Ice hall from Saturday, October 17 to Sunday, November 1. The home stand starts against Automobilist Yekaterinburg at 5:30 PM. Ticketsa are available at all Ticketshop points of sale as well as online on www.ticketshop.hr. Tickets will also be available 90 minutes before the start of each game at the Ice hall box office.

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KHL, Lada arena, Togliatti


07:20 1-0 Bocharov (Strelytsov A., Volgin)

08:59 1-1 Kvapil (Jurcina) PP1

43:29 2-1 Shenfeld (Vorobyov, Belousov) PP1

45:19 3-1 Krisanov (Shenfeld, Belousov) PP1

51:10 4-1 Mastryukov (Gurkin)

52:51 5-1 Bocharov

57:28 5-2 Brule (Smolenak, Kvapil)

SHOTS ON GOAL: 22 - 37

PENALTIES: 14 min – 33 min

HK LADA TOGLIATTI: Masalskis, Semyonov, Vorobyov, Komarov, Shenfeld, Gurkin, Viklund, Belousov, Krisanov, Strelytsov A., Zatovic, Strelytsov V., Bumagin, Mastryukov, Flood, Bolshakov, Volgin, Bocharov, Romanov, Mokshantsev, Guryanov

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Taylor, Kroselj, Kinrade, Genoway, Parlett, Larkin, Giliati, Glumac, Brule, Hedberg, Jämtin , Bjorkstrand, Gysbers, Jurcina, Smolenak, Perkovich, Morrisonn, Saarinen, Mertl, Kvapil