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About the Club // IHC Medveščak Mladi

KHL Medveščak Mladi

Because of a number of difficulties in business and management of "KHL Medveščak Zagreb", at the end of the 2018/19 season. There have been some organizational and legal changes that are still ongoing.

Despite the adversity the club found itself in, the need to allow the smooth and successful functioning of the junior categories has led to an establishment of a partnership with the Kuna Ice Hockey Club, a former member of the National and City Ice Hockey Federation. The change in the name of Kuna to KHL Medveščak Mladi was adopted. By changing its name and statute, KHL Medveščak Mladi accepted the former members of Medveščak and enabled the continuation of quality work of the younger categories, as well as preserving the tradition of Medveščak. Particular emphasis was placed on transparency of business operations in order to ensure the smooth, long-term operation, development and progress of not only the club but also of all ice hockey in Croatia.

The name change initiative at KHL Medveščak Mladi, as well as a whole new project, with the exception of the national and city ice hockey federation, was welcomed by all sports-related city institutions, primarily because it turns KHL Medveščak Mladi into a more prosperous future with a focus on work and development of younger categories, completely unburdened by the organizational and structural changes that are taking place in the KHL Medveščak.

The leadership of the KHL Medveščak Mladi was taken over by: Dalibor Lebarović as President, Daniel Kolombo as Vice-President and Igor Jačmenjak as Secretary. New leaders of the new club emphasized that the code of conduct, parents, players and professional team, will try to raise the work of the new club to a higher level, and through transparent business, and earn trust of all members, fans, friends and supporters of the former and new club. The whole development of ice hockey as one of the symbols, not only in the city of Zagreb, but of the whole of sports Croatia, will be an absolute priority for all of us in the club.

In line with the project and objectives, the professional coaching staff of KHL Medveščak Mladi will insist on adopting the values the Club stands for, all with the aim of creating and nurturing young generations of athletes, quality and responsible persons and contributing to the creation of a healthier society as a whole.

Inline hockey club Kuna

Inline Hockey Klub KunaInline Hockey Club Kuna(roller hockey) was founded in 2007. in Zagreb as the wish of all members of the national selection of INLINE CROATIAN HOCKEY which is participating in world in-line championships, and as the wish of the team Kuna who actively played Slovenian in-line league, international tournaments and was the champion of Croatia in line hockey. INLINE HOCKEY is extremely popular all over the world and is well organized in neighboring countries (Slovenia, Hungary, Italy), but also in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria or Germany.

Interest in this sport in Croatia exists and grows day by day. Young people are playing in line hockey in parking lots, parks and other alternative and inadequate spaces are becoming more common, both in Zagreb and in other parts of Croatia.

There is a playground in the City of Zagreb, which is located right next to the icerink Velesajam and was built with the own funds and work of the members of the Kuna Club.

Significant results of INLINE hockey club KUNA:

Results of the Croatian inline national team achieved