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Sharks dangerous even in Den

Reports 27.01.2019.
Sharks dangerous even in Den

The match started off well for the Bears when after 2:17 Spurgeon had to go into the penalty box for hooking.

Just 32 seconds into the power play Janković sent the Bears into the lead when he converted the power play with Senzel and Miličić assisting on his goal.

Spurgeon repaid his mistake of taking the power play and costing his team a goal when after 5:25 he scored with Wachter and Ross getting the assists.

4:30 later Šedivý sent the visitors into the lead with an accurate shot assisted by Lavoie and Boivin.

But the Bears kept fighting and with 12:53 played in the first period, Janković added his second of the game to tie the game up. Simšič grabbed the assist and game was all to play for.

Innsbruck got a good chance to take the lead when after 13:55 Mikulić went to the penalty box for tripping but the Bears defended the power play well.

They themselves got a chance with 1:41 left in the period after Nicholas Ross tripped a player. They did not use it either in the first or second period.

The Bears played well to start the second period too.

However, after 7:06 Bär sent the visitors into the lead again. Lammers and Lindner were ones to assist his goal.

The Bears then hit a post on a good shot that gave them chance to equalise.

They paid the price for hitting the post. Lammers scored the 4th after 14:49 played in the period with Spurgeon and Wachter getting the assists.

The sharks had a chance to extend their lead when 1:40 before the end of the period Vedlin hooked a player and went to the penalty box. The Bears again killed it off and kept the game at 2:4.

Even though Innsbruck didn't use the power play but after 7:37 with another good shot that gave Nikolić no chance to stop it, Clark made the game 2:5 with Ross getting the assist.

There was a delay in the game when the glass broke, and players had to wait for 15 minutes.

The Bears then made the game better when Mikulić scored with 14 seconds left with Fičur getting the assist. However, that was it for the game and the Bears lost 3:5 at home to Innsbruck.

The Bears will face Salzburg next on Tuesday away.




1:0          02:49     MZA      Jankovic I. (Senzel N., Milicic M./PP)
1:1          05:25     HCI         Spurgeon T. (Wachter D., Ross N./EQ)
1:2          09:55     HCI         Sedivy O. (Lavoie A., Boivin M./EQ)
2:2          12:53     MZA      Jankovic I. (Simsic N./EQ)
2:3          27:06     HCI         Bär L. (Lammers J., Lindner P./EQ)
2:4          34:49     HCI         Lammers J. (Spurgeon T., Wachter D./EQ)
2:5          47:37     HCI         Clark A. (Ross N./EQ)
3:5          59:46     MZA      Mikulic L. (Ficur B./EQ)

Shots: 13:61

Penalty minutes: 4:4



Nikolić (Ivan Mikulić); Senzel, Robar, Miličić, Simšič, Janković; Tadić, Čepon, Paulović, Fičur, Mikulić; Sertić, Vedlin, Jarčov, Brenčun, Buković; Ćurčić, Burazin


Swette (Gracnar); Ross, Lindner, Wachter, Spurgeon, Lammers; Guimond, Boivin, Yogan, Clark, Netik; Pedevilla, Kudelka, Lamoreoux, Lavoie, Sedivy; Bar, Antonitsch


Photo: Dorian Granatir