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Thank you, Captain Tom!

Transfers 18.01.2019.
Thank you, Captain Tom!

Tom Zanoški has played in 37 matches this year for the Bears scoring 9 goals and 6 assists.

He has played in 126 EBEL matches in 3 seasons for the Bears before that. In those, he got 49 points. In addition to that, he has played for 2 seasons in KHL in 39 matches with 6 points. In Playoffs he helped the Bears in 11 matches in EBEL with 7 points in those.

He was a part of the Continental Cup team this season with 2 assists in 3 games.

He has also played for the Bears in 4 regular season matches in Slovenian league and 11 playoff matches for the Croatian league with 24 points.

Besides Medveščak Tom has experience from other EBEL teams such as Bolzano, Linz, Klagenfurt or Ljubljana. He spent his junior career overseas mainly in OHL and later in the ECHL (153 games and 121 points) and AHL (44 games and 12 points).

He was named the captain of the team after financial trouble hit the team.

Medveščak Zagreb would like to wish Tom all the best in his future endeavours and good luck in Sheffield!

Hvala Tom!