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The Bears lost a match but won the hearts

Reports 02.01.2019.

The match didn't start well for the Bears when after 3:17 Yellow Horn opened the scoring after an assist from King.

The match was even a bit after that.

That face changed when Loney scored after an assist from King and Weihager after 9:48 played.

The period didn't get any better when after a shot from blue line Kainz tipped the puck in front of the net with 12:24 gone in the first. Soritz and Setzinger grabbed the assists.

Graz added fourth a minute twenty later. They managed to pass the puck in front of the net a few times and Garbowsky got the goal with Hamilton and Zusevics with the assists.

After that Graz had a few more chances but didn’t result in a goal.

The second period started off in a calmer way.

Calmness was broken when after 7:01 when same players that were involved in the last goal got the points again. Zusevics scored with Garbowsky and Hamilton getting the assists.

Graz got a chance to extend the lead after 8:47 when Vedlin went to the penalty box for tripping.

The Bears managed to defend that well and kept the score the same.

Later in the period, Nikolić tried to poke check when he skated out of the net but missed and Caito scored into the open net with 11:34 played in the second. Loney got the assist.

The rest of the period was filled with just some chances but no penalties or scoring so the Bears left the ice after 40 minutes trailing 6:0.

At the start of the third Nikolić had to make a big save when there was a 1on1 chance, but he managed to defend it well.

Graz then even hit the post twice after good shots.

The Bears were rewarded for their hard work after 5:59 played in the third when Ćurčić deflected the shot from the blue line from Čepon. This was the first goal in a Bears jersey for the youngster. Filip Jarčov grabbed the other assist and the Bears were also rewarded with cheer and applause by Graz fans.

Bears kept playing well and got a power play when Kainz had to go to the penalty box for two minutes for hooking. They couldn't manage to score on it.

Soon after it ended Vedlin slashed Graz player and had to go sit for two minutes to the penalty box.

The Bears played their penalty kill well and when Svensson managed to get the puck close to their net, he passed it to Zanoški who made it 6:2.

This goal was again applauded by the fans.

Neither team got a goal after and the match ended 6:2.

The Bears, however, got a huge sign of respect from Graz fans who were chanting “Zagreb” and applauding them as they left the ice. We would like to thank Graz 99ers and their fans for this sign of respect!




1:0          3:17        G99        Yellow Horn C. (King D./EQ)
2:0          09:48     G99        Loney T. (King D., Weihager P./EQ)
3:0          12:24     G99        Kainz L. (Soritz N., Setzinger O./EQ)
4:0          13:44     G99        Garbowsky M. (Hamilton C., Zusevics Z./EQ)
5:0          27:01     G99        Zusevics Z. (Garbowsky M., Hamilton C./EQ)
6:0          31:34     G99        Caito M. (Loney T./EQ)
6:1          45:59     MZA      Curcic S. (Jarcov F., Cepon M./EQ)
6:2          57:54     MZA      Zanoski T. (Svensson B., Brencun I./SH)


Shots: 51:17

Penalty minutes: 2:4



Honeckl (Rahm); Setzinger, Weihager, King, Yellow Horn, Loney; Jakobsson, Caito, Hamilton, Garbowsky, Zusevics; Sundin, Soritz, Oberkofler, Oleksuk, Grafenthin; Egger, Kainz, Moderer, Natter



Nikolić (Mikulić); Robar, Jacmenjak, Zanoški, Fičur, Svensson; Čepon, Vedlin, Jarčov F., Simšič, Janković; Paulović, Burazin, Brenčun, Ćurčić